This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Is So Magical It Should Be a Movie

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This happy couple, Cindy and Matt, who fell in love during school (UCLA) had a movie-like memorable wedding that can be rarely seen for sure. Their wedding ceremony was carefully planned to the smallest detail in Harry Potter manner that the photos in the gallery will leave you speechless. Let’s enjoy and start scrolling!

Cindy and Mat and the Harry Potter themed wedding

Harry Potter Themed Wedding (1)


Marauder’s Map – the invitation to the wedding

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 2 (1)

Hollywood Castle of Los Angeles – real-life Hogwarts – a special setting for the wedding for a unique atmosphere.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 3 (1)

The Guests – “We were both worried that no one would have fun with the formal wizard dress code, but it turns out we have the best friends ever because so many of them came in wizard wear.”

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 4 (1)

Best wedding guests ever – some came as Hogwarts students.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 5 (1)


A Grand Entrance – Cindy and her father crossing a drawbridge to enter the ceremony which took place in the garden.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 6 (1)

Matt and Cindy met for the first time at the wedding – “Up until that point there was a lot of fun socialising and getting ready, but in that moment it was just nice to see her. It was the first time in the day that it truly felt like we were getting married.”

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 7 (1)

The Vows –  written on parchment totally meeting authenticity of the movie.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 8 (1)

The wedding wardrobe of the bride and the groom also consisted authentic details from the movie and they found all of them on Etsy.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 9 (1)


The flower dog instead of the flower girl – their pooch Millie did a great job.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 10 (1)

Memorable photos from the wedding party with closest friends  – Harry potter themed obviously.Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 11 (1)

Sorting ceremony was special as well – Guests received personalised boxes with items including a house crest pin and a class assignment through which they were coordinated to take their seats during the reception.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 12 (1)

The great hall of Hogwarts – designed by Crosby + Jon for the reception hall of Harry Potter themed wedding.

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 13 (1)


Harry Potter themed food – potion parfaits, chocolate wands, and cookies shaped like lightning bolts… and instead of the wedding cake… guess!! … the pumpkin pie! Just perfect…

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding 14 (1)

Source: Marthastwartwedding

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