Super Stylish Designs For Your Bedroom

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Now that summer has ended, we can look forward to turning our homes into lovely cosy places for the cooler months. But that doesn’t mean you should embrace the chintz, as we’re sharing some of the top
bedroom designs to give you a very stylish way to get some sleep in 2017!

Scandinavian style

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Interior design aesthetics from the Nordic nations have been everywhere over the past decade. And it’s a look that’s clean, modern and endlessly stylish.

With calming neutral hues and the occasional bursts of colour and artfully-placed geometric print, there’s never been a better way to get a bedroom that looks modern whilst adding a tough of hygge comfort!

The great thing about this look is that makes full use of modern designs, whilst embracing nature in terms of wooden tones, on-trend plants like aloe vera, and lots of natural light!

Moroccan warmth

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Just because summer has gone doesn’t mean that your bedroom can’t enjoy a little warmth. This is because the trend towards Moroccan decor has also proved to be one of 2017’s surprising interior design hits.

The Moroccan look allows you to really embrace your inner bohemian and try out some designs that are way out of your comfort zone!

So be sure to invest in plenty of on-trend terracotta ornaments, add some warmth with a lovely kilim bedside rug, and see how some of this year’s unusual colour tones like violet and honey yellow can add a little extra sunshine to your Moroccan-inspired bedroom!

American mid-century chic

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The mid-century modern revival has also been going from strength to strength throughout 2017. This bold aesthetic makes full use of rich colours like dark walnut and olive green, and with items like sunburst mirrors and Arne Jacobsen egg chairs, it’s a look that’s not for the shy and retiring.

The great thing about this look is the way it maximises all aspects of the bedroom furniture. So that whether it’s making the bold move to get an audacious headboard from Bedstar, or even picking up a flamboyant pop art print from your local gallery, it’s one of the more fun interior design styles out there!

Highland charm

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And finally if there is one look that’s a failsafe option for ramping up the comfort factor for the winter months, it’s the Highlands look.

This can instantly make your bedroom feel as cosy as sturdy log cabin with plenty of soft wooden touches, a few fun items like stag motifs on your soft furnishings, and a very unsubtle use of tartan!

The great thing about this look is that it is all about providing plenty of warmth for those bleak midwinter nights.

So be sure to stock up on your thick tartan beddings and pick an extra-snug headboard for your bed to guarantee a very cosy and stylish remainder of 2017!

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