Watch Scott Disick’s Failed Sponsored Instagram Post That Made Everyone Talking


Scott Disick's Failed Sponsored Instagram Post

There are things in life you wish you never did because you can never undo anything you’ve said or done especially when everyone all around, is waiting for your next wrong move. The worst thing is when you are active on your social media accounts and millions are following you.

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And because you are a certified influencer or celebrity, more often than not that you can make easy money out of endorsements that you don’t even own or use.

Just like what Scott Disick did in his Instagram post about a diet product that he decided to slightly tweak the sponsored statements. He posted a picture where he is promoting Bootea protein shake mix and he copied and pasted the email with the exact instructions from the company as the photo’s caption. Oops

He then realized that he made a tiny winy mistake and immediately updated the caption with a little revised version of the original company caption.

Let’s hope this won’t hurt his future endeavors as this is one of his major businesses 

Source: Mashable

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