Ronit Baranga Creates Creepy Sculptures That Evoke Emotions

ronit baraga sculptures feat (1)

Israel artist Ronit Baranga makes pretty disturbing pieces of art. Why? The artist says that she wants to make viewers feel. If those are pleasant or unpleasant emotions, it’s not relevant to her, as long as someone watching her work is feeling something. One thing is sure, you won’t stay indifferent to her work. The sculptures of newborns with horns on their heads with gargoyles faces is something everyone would call creepy at least.

Baranga didn’t stay on sculptures. She applied her creative work on to the kitchen equipment, putting realistic mouths and fingers, resembling the ones from the sculptures, on dishes and cups. Would you lose you appetite eating from these dishes? Check them out in the gallery bellow and share with us what you think about this unusual pieces of art.


“I would like that anyone who sees my work feels something – what they feel is not relevant to me, as long as they feel.

Ronit Baranga sculptures (1)

I hope that the emerging feelings will cause the viewers to think about the ideas behind my work…

Ronit Baranga sculptures 2 (1)

The combination of ceramic cups with ceramic fingers represent an idea in which the still creates a will of its own,

Ronit Baranga sculptures 3 (1)

enabling a cup to decide whether to stay or leave the situation it is in,” says artist Ronit Baranga.

Ronit Baranga sculptures 4 (1)

Would you eat from this plate?

Ronit Baranga sculptures 5 (1)

Clay and porcelain were used to make this really disturbing tableware.

Ronit Baranga sculptures 6 (1)

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