PDF Browser Vs Reader, Which Is The Best For You?

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One of the first tools one decides to install on their computer is a PDF reader. It’s quite understandable why. PDFs are everywhere, and you cannot expect to use the internet without a PDF reader. You’ll need one to access files and make changes to them.

Most browsers these days can also function as a PDF viewer. The default PDF reader in Windows 10 is known as Edge. Thus, the question is, what would you do? Would you install a dedicated reader or stick to a browser? Today, we shall help you decide what the right choice is for you.

1. Disk Space

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On a Windows PC, you’ll already have Edge pre loaded, whereas on a Mac, you’ll have Safari. Why should you install software in order to view PDFs when you already have a browser to duplicate that function?

The answer is simple, due to functionality. A browser at the end of the day is just a browser. It will not do many things that you can do on a software that so specifically designers to handle PDFs, even if such a software takes a lot of space.

While the most popular reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, can take around 350MB of space, you have other alternatives like SodaPDF that are much lighter and equally impressive. They even let you try PDF signature, removing the need to manually sign documents.

2. Speed

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How fast a program opens up depends on its size and complexity. While working with PDFs, you require them to open quickly.

It is known that in recent tests, Chrome and Edge launched in 1.5 seconds whereas Firefox logged in at 1.6 and Opera logged in at 2.9 seconds.

Adobe Acrobat Reader takes at least twice as long, if not then often a lot longer depending on the size of the PDF file. There are however, apps that can be faster , such as the one we mentioned above.

But, here if we talk about how fast a file loads, then PDF readers win by a huge margin. Browsers may load quickly, but loading PDFs on them may take a while.

3. Features

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If you spend a lot of time working on PDFs, there’s no reason to do without a PDF reader.

Browsers have very limited capabilities, whereas PDF readers come with great functionalities including the ability to edit, add and subtract pages and even secure your content with the help of passwords and encryption.

Here, the key is whether you’re going to need all those key features. Therefore it is up to you, the verdict however is that it’s an easy win for the PDF Readers.

4. Security

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Important personal information such as payslips, utility bills and bank statements are often saved as PDF documents. PDF readers, as mentioned above, offer you an added layer of security, which means you can save even the most private documents as PDFs and never worry about their security.  Therefore all being the type of content we need to keep out of the hands of hackers.

It is pretty clear that you need a PDF reader, and a good one to enjoy all the benefits that PDFs have to offer.

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