Paige The Panda Creates Cute Animal Lipstick Art

paige the panda feat (1)

Lipstick art? Yes, that’s a thing and you can find it at That’s where Paige Thompson, better known as Viridis-Somnio, have a beautiful gallery of her lips painted as small pieces of art. This body paint artist from the United States, transforms her lips with a great mastery into various cute animals. Her work is very interesting and above all simpatico! And maybe some among you will find it even sexy. Either way, share with us what you think about Paige Thompson’s lipstick art once you scroll down the gallery.

Along the way, you will probably notice that she has a mole close to her lips and that is her trademark. Check out for some giggles her post called Yes. I have a mole near my mouth.“  For more of her work make sure to check her DeviantArt account.

1. Black and white lips make a Panda – paige the panda

paige the panda 2


2. Foxes are red, the ocean is blue, i love my lips art, and so should you

paige the panda 3

3. Simpatico green-yellow Chameleon

paige the panda 4

4. Crab attack!

paige the panda 5

5. This is great! Bidoof

paige the panda 6


6. Black cat

paige the panda 7

7. Pikachu

paige the panda 8

8. Bumble Bee

paige the panda

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