Melania Trump Halloween Costume Is Everything We Ever Wanted This Halloween

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2016 is the year for hilarious political Halloween costumes. Remember last year awesome Heidi Klum halloween costume that just won life? Well this year’s election has been a horror show all on its own. So this Melania Trump Halloween costume couldn’t be more appropriate.

Some brilliant journalist and campaigner, Jemima Khan, came up with a costume that sums up Trump’s entire campaign. This costume couldn’t have been more accurate. Trump looks a little scarier than usual but Jemima dressed as Melania is on point.

Melania Trump Halloween Costume (1)


She also held a pamphlet titled “Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech” at UNICEF charity event in London as a nod to the whole plagiarism ordeal.

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Jemima Khan sets an example for us all. Trump is a joke and this election is one big freak show. Let’s celebrate our dysfunctionality in America this Halloween. Get to the craft store and the Halloween party supply store and make your best Political parody costume and share it with the internet.

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Take a look at the photos of this terrifyingly life-like costume and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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