This Instagram Puppy Is Famous In So Many Ways Right Now

instagram puppy feat

Now you just sit comfortably and enjoy your scrolling. The smile on your face is guaranteed once you’re finished with this gallery and you might catch up with some trendy stuff because the dude featuring these photos is simply irresistibly cute and trendy as an Instagram celebrity can be. And by the way, he is a dog and his name is Cookie.

@ps.ny Instagram profile you will lose yourself in scrolling photos of one of the most trendy pooches you’ve probably ever seen. If you don’t have hours to lose, check out some of the best picks in the gallery below.

Can you resist Cookie? Just look how relaxed this puppy is!

One thing is for sure. Cookie knows about trends.


Fashion trends, Food trends… they’re all in Cookie’s little finger.

You have an impression that he was attending some modelling classes too.


He knows how to pose in every single photo and look just awesome. Can you do that?

Puppy of style…That’s Cookie!


He enjoys spreading the love by looking irresistibly cute.

Have you fallen in love with Cookie yet?


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Source: hellogiggles

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