Japanese Baker Makes Tiny Icing Sugar Cookies That Look Like Japanese Meals

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One more example of edible art comes in a form of small icing sugar cookies which look like miniature delicious dishes. This Japanese trend of creating visually astonishing miniature food was taken on a whole new level by Osaka’s Chikoto Kawakami, who uses icing to create the illusion so great that you would swear these are not icing sugar cookies but tiny Japanese meals ready for consumption.

On her Instagram account, you can see photos of numerous traditional Japanese dishes such as pork katsudon, sushi sets, soba noodles and chirashi don. While you browse through the photos you may easily forget that those are not real dishes but small cookies made with icing sugar and master skill.

She is relatively new on Instagram but her amazing miniature-Japanese-dishes like cookies are grabbing users attention pretty fast. The talent was noticeable from the very beginning but also progress in her technique is significant as time goes by. Series of cookies modelled on Japanese meals are the latest and the most amazing work of this talented food artist, a Japanese mum who goes by the name Masako on Instagram.

Check out some edible art in the gallery below and for more make sure to follow Masako on Instagram.

More info: Instagram.

Osaka Chikoto’s icing sugar cookies look just like delicious meals

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Below is a good looking Ramen soup and some beef


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Or maybe you want a little bit of sushi with shrimps?

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Raw eggs on some veggies is always a good idea


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This looks better than the real meal. I want the cookie version more

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She also likes to create miniature versions of everyday products like Ketchup bottles


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Full blown dinner is served, only the hand gives away how small these cookies really are

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