How To Write a History Research Paper

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Are you writing a history research paper? History is a vast subject and writing a research paper may confuse you. Some tips to be kept in mind and writing it becomes easy. The following are the points you should give a thought on before you start working.

1) Choosing a topic

2) Facts and research of the topic

3) How to put a research into writing

1. Choosing a topic- The first and the most important step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic. First, decide a general topic of your interest and then work on its refinement. For the refinement process, the topic has to be narrowed. You got to choose an area of your interest for the decided topic. It could be comparisons, battles, social changes, politics, causes, biography. You need to formulate your topic as a question. For example, if you decide to write your research on The Non-cooperation movement of 1942 you can put the question as -what was the impact of the movement or what was its contribution to get independence? Asking questions to you is the starting of research work.  The answer to these questions gives you a guideline to your writing the research paper.

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2. Facts and research on the topic- Topic should never be picked up without knowing sources of research. Once you start answering the formulated questions of the first step your research work starts. The trick to good work is imaginative thinking on how you would get information. We need to know the kind of information we are looking for.  You may also take help of your teachers and professors. For your help to research and write log onto the ultimate solution to your entire essay writing needs.

3. Use footnotes, bibliography, reference aids for your special studies in your research. You need to know specific information about people places events related to your topic. Use different techniques to research for your topic from books, newspapers to online searches. Every bit should be looked into.

4. How to put your research into writing- The research made should be compiled in a systematic way to start the writing.  This is done in 4 parts-

1. Outline

2. The first draft

3. The second draft

4. The third and final draft

1. Outline- A preliminary thesis statement should be written expressing what the major arguments of the research paper will be. A broad outline has to be sketched which indicates the topic structure of the research. The main points and sub-points have to be decided on. At this stage, you need not go into detailed writing.

2. The first draft- On the basis of the research and outline, you can start writing. We do not have to wait to fill in the research gaps. It is an ongoing process. We can go into detail writing for a research at this stage.

3. The second draft- The second draft has to be a rethought and rewritten version of your paper. It is the most integral part of your writing process. Try to be critical about your first draft. Try to squeeze the descriptions and make it argumentive. The paper has to be outlined freshly again at this stage. Make your questions tougher. The new paper at this stage should be written in paragraphs, and using quotes and factual data.

4. The third and final draft- At this final stage, you need to check your basic rules of good writing, diction, suitability of words and accuracy. You need to be careful and remove grammatical mistakes, repetition should be avoided. The writing pattern should go smooth and flow well from one point to another. Spellings should be checked and lastly proofread.

Writing research paper is not a difficult job. In needs your full dedication and if you follow the above-given procedure it makes it all the easier

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