How To Explain Your Profession To Your Grandmother?

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SMM specialist, software tester, headhunter, promoter, hostess and many other strange words our grannies are not familiar with may turn out not that easy to explain, no matter they may denote your favorite profession. You don’t believe this? Have a try then.


You’re searching for rare and highly qualified specialists. I’m trying to find good specialists and offer them work with good salary. No, I can’t find a job for aunt Amy’s son. He dropped out of college! What do you mean I can’t touch the cake?!

Retail Merchandiser

explain your job to grandmother 2

You make sure that the right amount of high quality goods are available in stores and are sold at the right price

I organize product shelves in stores to increase our sales and make it easier for people to find what they need. No, granny, I’m not a shop assistant. Yes, I sometimes put yesterday’s yoghurts in front of today’s ones because we need to sell them too. Ouch! It hurts! Why did you hit me?!

High frequency trader

explain your job to grandmother 3

You analyze markets and make stakes online

I do researches to figure out what will happen to dollar or gold or whatever else’s rates, and then make stakes according to my predictions. No, this is not gambling. No, I won’t need to pawn my house! This is not a scam, granny, I’ve been doing this for years!

Beauty blogger

explain your job to grandmother 4

You have a blog about beauty products and make-up

Do you remember you were giving me make-up lessons when I was a teenager? Now people pay me to get them. How much I earn? Not that much at the moment, but it’s a very prospective job. Can I stay for dinner, by the way?

Software tester

explain your job to grandmother 5

You test programs and look for bugs

I’m looking for different defects in computer programs and then inform these programs’ developers about them. OK, I will tell Microsoft that you can’t solve 473rd hands of spider solitaire.   

If you manage to complete this challenge, proceed to the next one – try to explain the Internet to your grandma. Lots of longreads available on the Web will help you do this.

Love your grannies! They are so funny!

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