Goran Konjevod Stunning Origami Sculptures From Sheets Of Paper

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Goran Konjevod puts his knowledge of math and theoretical computer science into his origami sculptures. And you thought your paper swan was impressive. Each sculpture has unique folds and ridges. There is neverending texture to see in all his work. He practiced origami for years then in 2005 he started creating his own designs. He went from a crafty hobbyist to a total pro at this medium.

Who knew origami could have so much depth to it? You can see his work in art exhibits like the 8th Annual Sanchez Art Center 50|50 Show and the Ohio Craft Museum. This is such a rare talent. It seems uncommon to see someone take basic origami paper and turn it into amazing origami sculptures.

I learned how to make an origami swan when I was in elementary school. I would have never thought to take it as far as this. To me, it was just a fun little thing to do to kill time.

Take a look at the rippling folds in Goran Konjevod’s origami and let us know what you think in the comments.

” The experience of folding these pieces has helped me begin to understand how particular fold sequences interact…

Origami Sculptures goran konjevod (1)


and in a few cases i have been able to visualize the final shape before starting to fold”

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The artist tries to use only a single uncut sheets of paper and for the most part use a technique that is quite simple

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A real piece of paper is always 3 dimentional even when unfolded – think about it

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Keep scrolling through the gallery to see his amazing work

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