Features Of The Ultra-Low Power CBRAM

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Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory (CBRAM) is a small chip produced Adesto technologies. It belongs to the chip family called Moneta. Designed to reduce total energy used in connecting different devices, these  ultra-low power CBRAM are capable of performing many operations among them, the capability to read and write. 

Very popular with IOT (Internet of Things) sensors and devices that are wearable and sterilized medical devices, CBRAM has become one of the most trending technologies in the world of memory devices.

Other Features of the CBRAM

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The chips can operate on extremely low power levels. A sensor chip that has no battery but can generate energy in motion can also easily accommodate and function with a CBRAM memory chip. These memory chips consume more than 100 times less energy as compared to other solutions used to store data. Their small nature does not tamper with speed or performance.

They are programmable and erasable read only memory devices. They can either act as standalone chips or put inside other chips. 

CBRAM memory devices can store as much data as possible without the need to turn on any power. This puts the device under the category of resistive RAM and means the device can read and write using only about 1/100 units of energy. Internet of things has a reason to use circuits without the need for batteries with the manufacturing of CBRAM.

Almost every sensor in the market uses batteries for it to work. The same battery operated devices have to be connected to a charger so they will not go off or die off. Some chips are capable of harvesting energy when they are still in operation. These chips can easily power CBRAM memory devices without ever having to put them into sockets for charging.

Due to its radiation resistance elements, CBRAM can also withstand any levels of beam without any loss of data or any corrupting of the device. This means using them in a hospital theatre or surgery and during sterilization, the gamma and electron beams will not affect the memory device.

The energy levels needed for CBRAM as compared to other flash drives are more than 10 times lower than the energy levels needed for a flash. CBRAM works well with almost anything like Bluetooth and platforms that use Wi-Fi. It has the same levels of performance as the Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). In most mobile devices and computers, DRAM serves as the principal memory.

During the write and erase operations, there is reduced chances of destruction of the CBRAM because of tits sensitivity to SEE.

It is very easy to transfer the CBRAM technology into any radiation-hardened platform like in the military and space chips without redesigning anything. This makes CBRAM one of the best memory devices to use for missions in space.

Cell to cell margin of the CBRAM is not as high as other devices. The company is still on the process of minimizing the noise further.

While CBRAM is a highly appreciated memory device, IOT still has to figure out how else to make the chip even smarter than it already is, how to get  circuits that need low power and memory solutions that are economical  and efficient.

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