Fashion Photographer Richard Phibbs Tries To Find Homes For Shelter Dogs With Stunning Photos

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There are way more dogs in need of forever homes than any of us would like to admit. And adopting them out to loving families takes a lot of work. Part of that is getting the perfect photos of these dogs to showcase just how adorable they are. Despite all the images of sad animals in SPCA ads, a high quality photo of an energetic dog is more appealing to most.

Richard Phibbs is a fashion photographer and director living in NY. He volunteers at the Humane Society there, taking incredible portraits of the animals there. He’s recently published a book full of stories of some of these animals becoming homeless and how they came to their happily ever after.

He’s not alone in his service to these animals in need. There are other photographers doing the same thing that he’s doing. Every thing that you can contribute makes a difference. Even if you’re not an artist or photographer, you can make a difference. Even if it’s just sharing an animal’s story on facebook to encourage someone to adopt helps.

Take a look at these beautiful photos below of dogs in NY in need of homes. Let us know what you think in the comments section. And if you live in NY, do consider taking one of these dogs in.

We can see in recent years a lot of photographers volerteening to photograph homeless dogs in order to find homes for them

Richard Phibbs homeless dogs (1)


If in the past you would see a picture of a sad puppy at the shelter, now most of the images are happy and adorable

Richard Phibbs homeless dogs 2 (1)

It’s easy to see that this way is much more effective at getting people to adopt.

Richard Phibbs homeless dogs 3 (1)

Dogs are beautiful creatures and we should always show their fun and loving side other than the sad parts

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This is just one of many campaigns to raise awareness to homeless dogs and we hope it helps get them new homes

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Please share this post with your friends to help the cause

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And remember, adopt, don’t shop

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