Do SSDs Improve Speed and Performance?

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Have you heard of SSD hosting? It’s the latest advancement in hosting, and many people are turning to it to improve their gaming speed and performance. But is it worth it, and more to the point, does it actually work?

Well, the simple answer is yes. But, you probably want to know why! Here’s everything you need to know about SSDs and how an SSD can help to improve your speed and performance…

What does SSD mean?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Typically, you’d find an SSD in your laptop or desktop computer to improve the performance of the machine, but nowadays they’re increasingly being used by website hosts. They work by hosting your websites on a large number of servers which come together to act as a single server (or cloud), offering a fast page loading speed for your website. There are no moving parts that have to deal with the data, and the data is simply written electronically and either stored or retrieved at the other end. For this reason, large corporations or businesses who know the value of a good hosting package are turning to SSD hosting because of its reliability and efficiency.

Are SSDs particularly fast?

In short – yes! SSDs are very fast, but let’s take a look at exactly how fast they are. The standard unit for measuring speed when it comes to hard drives or solid state drives is IOPS or ‘Input/Output Operations Per Second’. The most popular HDDs today have an IOPS of anything from 80 to 180. But SSDs? Well, you can expect anything from 4,500 to 15,500 for random read IOPS to 65,000 to 75,000 for random write IOPS. An awful lot faster.

Who should be using SSDs?

If you’re a gamer, or a website owner that serious about gaining an advantage over the competition, you should be considering SSDs. Speed is not the only factor involved when it comes to ranking highly in google, but it’s common knowledge that search engines favour websites that load faster, simply because they provide a better experience for the user.

How can you find an SSD host?

Good quality SSD hosts are hard to come by, and that’s because it’s expensive for them to replace their existing hard drives with SSDs. However, plenty of hosting companies have deployed SSDs (such as Midphase, for example), so it’s possible to get yourself a hosting package with the kind of capabilities SSDs offer. And it’s well worth the effort of tracking a good supplier down – you’ll have a faster site, your hosting will be more reliable, and as a bonus, your hosting will even be greener seeing as they consume about a fifth of the electricity that a traditional hard drive uses.

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