Creative Mom Makes Healthy Cartoon Meals For Her Son

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Here’s a creative way to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies. There’s a mom in Melbourne that’s making creative, cartoony meals for her kids. And she’s struggling a lot less with getting her kids to eat than most parents. It’s a lot easier to get kids to do anything if you make it fun. Like doing chores. Make a game of it and the kids will be all for it.

Laleh Mohmedi is a creative mom that makes awesome kid inspired meals for her son. She makes meals modeled after Pixar movies, Spongebob, and more. She snaps a photo of each meal and posts it on her Instagram page Jacob’s Food Diaries. She has over 65,000 followers and counting, now.

It can sometimes take her a while to create these masterpieces but she does it all for her son. His enthusiasm is what keeps her motivated. And she probably feels like a pretty kick-ass mom, too. I would feel proud to say “I got my kid to eat healthily.” It’s not an easy feat.

Take a look at some photos of her awesome, artful meals. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

CARL from UP – Stuffed Christmas Roasted Poussin

mom cartoons meals (1)

MIKE from MONSTERS INC – Organic Eggs and Avocado on Toast with Capsicum

mom cartoons meals 2 (1)

TIGGER – Lentils with mash potato, radish and wild rice

mom cartoons meals 3 (1)

BOB THE MINION – Cheese sandwich with blueberries, apples, cucumber and dates

mom cartoons meals 4 (1)

Waffles with spelt chocolate pancakes, dragon fruit, blueberres and banana

mom cartoons meals 5 (1)

GENIE from ALADDIN – Blue rice (dyed with purple cabbage) stuffed with lamb shanks and vegetables

mom cartoons meals 6 (1)

KERMIT THE FROG – Avocado and eggs on toast

mom cartoons meals 7 (1)

PO from KUNGFU PANDA dressed in a skeleton costume –
Cucumber and avocado Sushi with salmon

mom cartoons meals 8 (1)

Spongebob – Saffron Rice ball stuffed with chicken and vegetables

mom cartoons meals 9 (1)

Spicy free range chicken with spinach mash, wholemeal wrap and cucumber

mom cartoons meals 10 (1)

CHARLIE BROWN – Marinated free range chicken with corn and mash potato

mom cartoons meals 11 (1)

Kale, onion and parmeson spelt savoury muffins

mom cartoons meals 12 (1)

Saffron spelt burger served with carrots sticks

mom cartoons meals 13 (1)

Mickey and his friends Goofy and Pluto! –
Mash potato, sweet potato, rainbow chard, wholemeal wrap, romanesco broccoli, wild rice and black beans

mom cartoons meals 14 (1)

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