Cool Hand Made Mermaid Tail Blanket To Get Your Through The Winter

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Christmas is coming and you’re running out of time to order gifts for your kids. You’ve probably already gotten many gifts for them but if you haven’t gotten them a mermaid tail blanket your list is missing something big. These are crocheted blankets that will make you feel like Ariel when you put your legs inside it.

Imagine being a little girl with an obsession with mermaids. You wake up on Christmas morning to open your presents. You tear into one of them and inside is a beautiful, shiny new mermaid tail. I don’t know about you, but that would be a Christmas that I’d never forget.

This mermaid tail blanket is perfect for this season and they’re not just for kids. You’re never too old to love mermaids and gender is not an issue. Plus, there’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a grown man wearing a mermaid fin.

Take a look at these gorgeous mermaid tail blankets and think about adding one to your Christmas gift list this year. Comment and let us know what you think.

Turn you little princess into a sea creature with this adorable mermaid tail blanket

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Each blanket is hand made from high quality super soft acrylic and is shaped like a cocoon to keep your feet warm

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Your kids will love them, trust us. It dosen’t matter if you’re just an avid mer-person or a hardcore movie fan. You will love these colors and how the crochet is super soft

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Check out more designs on the etsy shop and make sure to order yours before Christmass

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You’re kids will love you for it

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More info: etsy shop  | Source: odditymail

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