Stunning Photorealistic Colored Pencil Art By Heather Roony

colored pencil art feat (1)

Meet Heather Roony, she created these stunning colored pencil art pieces below and many others you can find on her website and social accounts. Roony has a B.A in Studio Art from the Emmanuel College in Boston Massachusetts and she says she was hooked on colored pencil art ever since she created her first drawing in art class while still in high school. She loves the challenge of creating a photorealistic drawing and the epic attention to details it required to create a quality piece. She was hooked, spending most of her free time practicing and improving her abilities in this niche and at the time social media was exploding all other the world so she used to videotape her process of creating these beautiful drawings with stop motion videos and images. The internet liked what she was doing and she gained a large following pretty quickly with some of her videos getting more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube. She started drawing pop culture characters like basketball players or actors so that people can relate and recognize her work and as she got better, saw did her name became more popular, she now has more than 1M subscribers on her social accounts and we can totally see why.

Heather Roony photorealistic colored pencil art piece of David Bowie

colored pencil art (1)

Some of her drawings look so good it’s easy to confuse them with pictures, like this cute golden dog

photorealistic pencil art 2 (1)

She has a lot of drawings of celebrities to make her followers recognize her work – in the drawing below you can see Ellen Degeneres

colored pencil art 3 (1)

The famous Harry Potter movie was not forgotten as well. Harry would be proud

photorealistic pencil art 4 (1)

Not all of her work is of celebrities, this color drawing of a native american chief is stunning to the eye

colored pencil art 5 (1)

Jimmy Fallon looking better and younger than ever

photorealistic pencil art 6 (1)

A baby tiger

photorealistic pencil art 7 (1)

Ray from the latest Star Wars Movie

colored pencil art 8 (1)

The late Robin Williams

colored pencil art 9 (1)

Here is Heather at work

photorealistic pencil art 10 (1)

A beautiful fish swimming in the ocean

colored pencil art 11 (1)

The dark knight.

photorealistic pencil art 12 (1)

The Pittsburgh Steelers team

photorealistic pencil art 13 (1)

stephen colbert

photorealistic pencil art 14 (1)

James Harden of the Houston Rockets

colored pencil art 15 (1)

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