Brent Estabrook Stuffed Animal Paintings Will Make You Feel Like a Child Again

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Check this out and take an instant trip to childhood! For most of us the main association to this magical period of life, when everything seems nice and possible, are soft stuffed animals fit for long cuddling. Nothing feels more safe and warm than beeing tucked in bed with your favourite teddy.

Brent Estabrook, a 31-year-old artist from Los Angelos, brought to us this magical childhood feeling through beautiful vibrant paintings of stuffed animals. The paintings are so detailed that you will be amazed when you go through the gallery and thrilled because your inner child will respond for sure. It feels almost as you can touch a pile of various, colourful, soft stuffed animals or even dive right in the middle.

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“I always viewed stuffed animals as symbolic to that childhood state where anything is possible, and dreams and passions had no limits!” Estabrook wrote in an email to Mashable.

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“Furthermore, stuffed animals are the great generational-connector of our time. Everybody from the oldest living person to an infant can often find a positive connection with stuffed animals. So, for what I hope is not too self-serving of a reason, I enjoy painting stuffed animals because I know I can a can attract a large audience and thus spread the message of the absolute beauty of following your dreams and passions.”

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From an artistic standpoint, stuffed animals fulfil all my artistic desires. Painting stuffed animals allows me to exemplify oil paints’ beauty of colour and brushstroke (texture). I have recently been fortunate enough to see some of the greats (Monet, Rembrandt, Dali, etc…) in person and was completely blown away by the experience. My hope is to make my art as exciting to look at in person as were the works mentioned above.”

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My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse, Mike Wazowski, Nemo, Elmo… The largest stuffed animal painting Estabrook has made is 84 inches by 72 inches.

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Who was your favourite?

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Don’t you want to pick up and squeeze this soft monkey?

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“Life here on Earth is very short. Do not waste it working at some mindless job; create a happy living on your own terms,” is Estabrook message.

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Brent Estabrook with his models

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Work in progress

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Source: mashable

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