Artist Iris Scott Uses Only Her Hands And Some Paint To Create These Stunning Shaking Dogs Paintings

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Iris Scott is a 32-year-old artist from New York and her work characterises a unique painting technique; she paints vivid oil paintings with just her fingertips. Iris doesn’t use brushes nor a palette for mixing paint, like most of the painters do, but latex gloves which are the only thing between her hands and a hundred plus tubes of different tones.

She decided to use this technique six years ago when she didn’t want to make a pause in her work due to a necessity of brush washing. On that way, she accidently discovered the advantages of the technique that turned out suitable for her artistic expression and by today became her personal trademark.

Scott is part of an entirely new art movement in Brooklyn called Instinctual Ism and she is represented by four galleries in the United States. This year her new book, Finger Painting Weekend Workshop, entered stores and is available on Amazon.  In the gallery below check out her maybe most recognisable series of paintings of dogs shaking off the water which look amazing.

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Iris Scott is history’s first artist to abandon brushes altogether and focus entirely on finger painting – and legitimising it in the world of fine art. 

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A painting of a dog shaking off  water from his fur by Iris Scott

iris scott shaking dogs 2 (1)

Buetiful vivid colours bring a specific sense to her work

iris scott shaking dogs 3 (1)

Iris’s work belongs to new art movement called Instinctualism

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Instinctualism can appeal to children and adults who want to enjoy art rather than feel alienated by it.

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The imaginative, representational, and color-saturated paintings

iris scott shaking dogs 6 (1)

A technique implies a hundred plus tubes of paint and latex gloves – no brushes and palette used in the process of making these pictures

iris scott shaking dogs 7 (1)

Artist captures the dog’s motion perfectly using only her fingertips

iris scott shaking dogs 8 (1)

The results are obviously breathtaking as you can see from the gallery

iris scott shaking dogs 9 (1)

And some even look realistic from a far

iris scott shaking dogs 10 (1)

iris scott shaking dogs 12 (1)

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