4 Apps Your Business Cannot Survive Without

apps you cant live withput

Whether you are a new startup or just a small operation, you probably know by now that the entire world seems to run on apps. Whether you have a tablet, a smart phone, or laptop, you have a wealth of choices to help you organize your day, make you more productive, handle to do lists, and even deliver your groceries. Unfortunately, a lot of apps seem to be just one trick ponies. They do only one thing, and even if they do that one thing exceptionally well, you probably needed to do more. Human beings are creatures of habit, we like our routines, and we keep apps on our devices long after we have moved on just in case we need them again. It’s time to be ruthless with your storage and processor and root out obsolete and unused apps, while replacing them with the latest and greatest.



Even if you don’t think that you need videoconferencing, odds are that you do. Entrepreneur conducted a survey, and condensed the results into a very interesting infographic. While you might have guessed that a majority of Millennials use videoconferencing more frequently than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, it’s Gen Xers and Baby Boomers that pay more attention. In fact, 92 percent of baby boomers report increased attentiveness when using videoconferencing. By using BlueJeans to implement enterprise videoconferencing solutions for IT, you can bring more attention and engagement to your meetings, even across time zones, platforms, and devices. You can bring more people to the table, without disturbing work routines or adding travel time and expenses to your already tight budget. The app allows for sharing of rich content, and even HD video.


slack apps you must have

Slack is an ubiquitous app because it works. Getting to know Slack’s instant messaging and more can have a huge impact on how you and your teams work together. In fact, NerdWallet notes that Slack users held a quarter fewer meetings, slashed their internal emails by nearly 50 percent, and their productivity took a 32 percent overall zoom. Slack offers unlimited users the ability to drag and drop to share files, access automatically indexed and archived conversation and communications, and get everyone on the same page, At the same time. Yes, it is another freemium app but in this case ponying up the eight bucks a month per user gives you unlimited app integration, group calls, guest access and more.


toggl apps you must have

This app is no newcomer – it has been around since 2007. What it does best is to track your billable hours and help you manage your time. Use Toggl to track the time you spend on projects and clients, set varied billable rates, and bring the rest of your team on board as well. There is no limit on the number of projects and clients that you can track, you can also divide your teams into user groups, sure time reports, and track time while you’re off-line. The free version has an impressive list of features such as user groups, adjustable access levels, and integration with apps like Basecamp, Freshbooks, and GitHub.Naturally, you can fork out to get more features on the Business, Pro, and Pro Plus plans. As a bonus it works with Android, IOS, Mac desktop, Windows desktop, Linux desktop, and Chrome extension.



If you are just getting your feet wet with bookkeeping, then Wave is just the vehicle for you. This double entry bookkeeping app let you process credit card payments, scan receipts, do payroll, handle invoicing, and more. The free version of the application even received 3.5 out of five stars from PC Magazine when stacked up against QuickBooks. Since that review wave has added even more functionality, and access to free personal finance software. If you are a brand-new business and counting nickels and dimes, this will really help you understand bookkeeping. With a few online tutorials on the double entry method you will learn a valuable new skill as well as BS proofing your books.

Adding these four apps will not magically turn you into Google. What it will do is help you manage the essentials that you need when you are building a new company. When making changes, it takes a while for changes to become habit, and habit to become routine. The easiest way to fit changes into your life is to make them ones that you like. Of course, there is always a learning curve when making these changes, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a handle on it right away. As intuitive as these apps are, they are still a big change to make. By working with the four apps named here, you can count on better time management, increased productivity, engagement, clarity, and action. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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