6 Tips To Write An Effective Essay

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You might not be a very good writer but I am sure that when it comes to essay writing you have always somehow managed to complete the task. Some of you might have scored exceptionally well on those essays but many o you might have landed up not only scoring less in that particular portion but also declining the average scores. Now here I am concerned with those of you who fall in the latter group. No, there is nothing to panic when you hear the word essay. As it is well said and also well heard, where there is a will there is a way. Today, you are here reading this article that will prove the aforesaid proverb accurately right.

Here in this article you will find certain tips that will help you to write your essay. These are as follows:

1: Read the essay written by others:

do not restrict yourself to only reading the question of the essay as many of you do. Yes, it is true that essay writing when to be done in the exams in nothing less than an extempore but otherwise it is not so in the true sense. What you are required to do is, keep in constant contact with reading. Read the articles of those who claim themselves to be the good writers.

2: Try to learn more vocabulary and inculcate it in your writing:

now having read the articles y others is not enough. Every time you read someone else’s article you get to learn a new phrase or a new vocabulary. Your duty as a learner is to prepare notes f these little new things that you learn and make it a part of your writing as well.

3: Use words to assist you to develop an essay:

take the help of phrases, proverbs and idioms to develop your essay. Do not solely depend on your own intellectual thinking. Yes, it helps a lot but on an honest note not completely.

4: Elevator pitching your essay:

use this technique which is termed as the elevator pitching. This will raise the quality of your content and you will eventually land up scoring exceptionally well.

5: Also emphasize on views of other people:

Do not just emphasize on you views alone. In one form or the other, try to make space in your essay for what the others around you have to say. Be it in the body paragraphs or the conclusion, do make a place to place the views of other, not much but a little.

6: Use of punctuation: make correct use of the punctuation marks.

Do not leave  the task of placing these punctuation marks for the reader. The wrong usage or no usage at all of the punctuation mark may leave the reader misguided as per your viewpoint.

All in all, next time you sit down to pen down you views consider all these points as they will surely lend you a helping hand.

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