6 Most Essential Websites Every Student Should Use to Succeed

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What are your 3 most often used websites for studying? Now you may surprise but as a recent Statista survey showed even Facebook can get a second place (68%) giving in to Snapchat (72%) by popularity among teens and young adults. Social media websites became the part of our lives to such a point that we catch our Twitter news feed before we fall asleep and open our eyes in the morning. But what is out there behind these social networking giants?

What websites can help a student not only get connected with others and share the same interests? Sure, if you search for the list of surefire websites that bring you right to the top, I’ll disappoint you. Not a single service can guarantee you success unless you make an effort to improve your skills in writing, time management, brainstorming and preparing for exams.

The following list of websites includes those that can enrich your knowledge, enhance your academic performance, motivate and boost productivity, help balance between studying and your part-time job or hobbies and even prompt how to save money for your morning latte.


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What I value the most about Coursera is that you can take an open free course and enhance your skills, if you do not require a certificate. The list of Coursera subjects covers college, business, and self-development topics. There are courses from top universities such as Yale, Stanford, UTokyo, Princeton, Duke etc. This is a website for those students who actually strive to succeed in their field of study since it requires the total commitment to a particular course. A student who agrees to take a certain course has to devote a couple of hours each day to lectures, certain assignments, coursework, review materials, and quizzes.


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If you visit Quora with such a question “What makes Khan Academy so good?”, you’ll see how users and learners call this educational website “an extraordinary teacher”. It is so special because it uses an approach of simple video explanations and useful responses under each tutorial. Every lesson lasts 4-10 minutes and is followed by a test of 10 successive problems. There is a huge number of subjects available for free learning including Math categorized by the subject and grade, also Science and Engineering, Computing and others which you can view in the screenshot above. Moreover, you will like a special mix and match questions algorithm which helps memorize the materials better.


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How long does it take you to write another essay or complete a task? Writing can become easier with the right sample on your particular topic. The main feature of this website is that all papers are 100% authentic since they were written and uploaded by students themselves. Besides, before a sample is added to the database it gets through a harsh proofreading and quality check-up. There is an advanced search on the website that allows to find your topic by particular keywords and add it to the wish list of interesting samples.


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If you are a frequent Quizlet user, you could also try AnkiWeb as another alternative to a popular app. With the help of such websites, you can remember new words, terms, and any materials from your lectures faster. Due to a simple system of flashcards, AnkiWeb has an amazing number of followers and can be even used to memorize poems and guitar chords. AnkiWeb can be used on any device but as well as Quizlet the program is more popular in mobile app AnkiDroid.

Save the Student

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What is the biggest problem of students who have little experience of sticking to their budget? Sure, saving is the art and this UK-based service is the best place to master it. You will find an amazing number of tips about how to save on clothes and have a chic look or travel around the world using all the benefits of your ISIC Card.

Project Gutenberg

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This is the kind of a website where ebooks are actually free of charge. You can download any of 53 000 units since the copyright on such ebooks has expired and they are no longer protected by the U.S. law. All ebooks on Project Gutenberg are available in epub format and can be read on Kindle platform. This is a good website to find a free ebook and save on Amazon.

The abovementioned list of useful websites can be extended to 50 the most useful ones. However, we’ve picked out these particular websites to let you choose from the most popular and frequently visited services.

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