34 Of The Most Epic Pinterest Fails. These People Just Nailed It

If you are looking for a variety of people who are creative in so many things like cooking, interior design, do it yourself ideas, photography, culinary arts, graphic designs, animation and many other things, just browse over to Pinterest and you will find incredible creative minds there.

For instance you want to look for and learn about the newest and most trending dish or you just simply want to cook something you haven’t tried yet, or you want to prepare a unique dish, you can find it there. The only problem you’ll have is, most of the ideas and presentation you see on Pinterest, is more often difficult to do, though they look so easy to prepare, but when you get to do it, you’ll realize it’s never easy.

The following photos are a compilation of the most tragic and hilarious Pinterest fails we could look at recently. They most assuredly nailed it for hilarity and humor.

If in case you are one of those who have failed presentations and food platings, don’t hesitate to state it here and be free from your frustrations.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to humiliate or embarrass anyone. It is made just for fun so enjoy while you still can.

1: Fruit turkey? Totally nailed it

pinterest fails 1


2: Rubber ducky cupcakes? I think he nailed it

pinterest fails 2


3: This is a despicable attempt

pinterest fail 3


4: Cookie monster cupcakes we all love and adore? Nailed it? YES? NO? Let’s go with no

pinterest fails 4


5: Adorable chicks just cracking their eggs? Nailed it! I said nailed it!

pinterest fails 5


6: Chick cake pops, those things on a stick, nice effort, not enough though

pinterest fails 6


7: Where did you see this going? It looks like he used human teeth in the cake, creepy AF!

pinterest fail 7


8: They came out just like i planned – Nailed it!

pinterest fail 8


9: This is the creepiest cake i ever saw

pinterest fails 9


10: Expectations Vs reality – You ain’t no cook

pinterest fail 10


11: They look delicious. Even with this poor execution

pinterest fail11


12: This is close to perfect!

pinterest fails 12


13: Bieber will approve ( but we all love to see him roast right?)

pinterest fails 13


14: Sesame street cake pops? Nailed it

pinterest fails 14


15: Buzz lightyear cake, i think he nailed it

pinterest fails 15


16: You’re doing this wrong guy

pinterest fails 16


17: Turkey cookies. I feel you didn’t really put enough effort here

pinterest fails 17


18: Mountain dew penguin cupcakes

pinterest fails 18


19: If you were going for a train crash cake, than you nailed it

pinterest fails 19


20: You didn’t even try! Come’on man!

pinterest fails 20


21: i Nailed it people!

pinterest fails 21


22: Looks exactly the same as the Pinterest source

pinterest fails 22

viral nova.com

23: Cooking level = pro

pinterest fails 23


24: Honestly both of these look creepy

pinterest fails 24


25: Great Gatsby cake attempt

pinterest fails 25


26: Melted crayon cake? NAILED IT

pinterest fails 26


27: Classic cake with a classic design

pinterest fails 27


28: Delicious waffle iron cookies

pinterest fails 28


29: Just nailed it!

pinterest fail 29

@laurietani on Instagram

30: This looks delicious…NOT!

pinterest fail 30


31: Pretty close, but no cigar

pinterest fail 31

@atnejem on Instagram

32: Watermelon cake that looks good? Nailed it

pinterest fail 32

@tays_got_faith on Instagram

33: Almost got it

pinterest fail 33


34: Cake? Nailed it

pinterest fails 34pinstrosity.blogspot.com

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Source: Justsomething

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