31 Amazing Origami Art Pieces That Are So Complex You Need Instructions Just To Look At Them

amazing origami feat (1)

These amazing origami art pieces is proof that this art form can stand the test of time. If you didn’t know, the art of folding paper ( Origami ) has been around for centuries in the far East and Japan in particular. But it’s only on the last 50 years or so that the rest of the world discovered it, and fell in love with it deeply. Since it’s introduction to the western world, the folding art system developed from simple birds and planes to complex paper sculptures that will not shame the biggest names in the sculpting world. The best thing about the amazing origami art form is that you only need a sheet of paper or two, and a lot of patience. Browse the list below to see some stunning examples of the folding paper art.

1. Amazing origami creation of the Harry Potter character Nazgul

amazing origami 1 (1)

Via: flickr

2. Red and white cow made of paper

amazing origami 2 (1)

Via: flickr

3. Perfectly shaped ball

stunning origami 3 (1)

Via: flickr

4. Traditional Japanese cat from Japanese paper

stunning origami 4 (1)

Via: flickr

5. A stunning lion with all the right colors

stunning origami 5 (1)

Via: flickr

6. Is that an old man dubbing? Sure looks like it

stunning origami 6 (1)

Via: flickr

7. Origami creatures are the most fun to make

stunning origami 7 (1)

Via: flickr

8. Amazing horse with wings origami

cool origami 8 (1)

Via: flickr

9. Forest keeper. So many details it’s stunning

cool origami 9 (1)

Via: flickr

10. Japanese princess with an umbrella

cool origami 10 (1)

Via: flickr

11. A person’s face with sunglasses on

cool origami 11 (1)

Via: flickr

12. Incredible origami of a red dragon

cool origami 12 (1)

Via: flickr

13. Yellow owl flying away on an adventure

epic origami 13 (1)

Via: flickr

14. Traditional Japanese armour

epic origami 14 (1)

Via: flickr

15. Another samurai soldier wearing full gear in yellow color

epic origami 15 (1)

Via: flickr

16. Long winged dragon – Amazing origami creation

epic origami 16 (1)

Via: flickr

17. Black crow, don’t mess with the crow

epic origami 17 (1)

Via: flickr

18. Death king riding his red horse of doom

amazing folding papers 18 (1)

Via: flickr

19. Two wizards sharing a moment together

amazing folding papers 19 (1)

Via: unkonwn

20. Is that the egyptian king?

amazing folding papers 20 (1)

Via: unknown

21. Precious model air plane made entirely out of paper

amazing folding papers 21 (1)

Via: unknown

22. The last Jedi warrior with a green light saber

amazing folding papers 22 (1)

Via: unknown

23. Strong and muscular bull

amazing paper art 23 (1)

Via: unknown

24. Stunning origami of two dinosaurs

amazing paper art 24 (1)

Via: unknown

25. Incredible pattern of duck paper creation

amazing paper art 25 (1)

Via: unknown

26. Proud lion standing tall

amazing paper art 26 (1)

Via: unknown

27. Goldfish – look at the scales, so accurate

amazing paper art 27 (1)

Via: unknon

28. Flamingo anyone? Sure why not

amazing paper art 28 (1)

Via: unknown

29. I believe this is Link from the popular video game The Legend of Zelda

amazing paper art 29 (1)

Via: unknown

30. Master Yoda

amazing origami 30 (1)

Via: unknown

31. The larget origami in the world: 215 feet width and 12o feet tall

amazing origami 31 (1)

Via: unknown

These awesome origami creations are worth a share i’m sure.

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