30 Pictures Of Babies Crying Over The Most HIlarious Things

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In the early stages of life, you’re just starting to learn the meaning of not crying over spilled milk. That metaphor can be used for a lot of things. Kids cry over “spilled milk” all the time. Really, they cry over the stupidest things. Sometimes it’s hilarious but sometimes it’s oh so annoying.

For example, they cry and cry when they’re being punished for doing something wrong. You threw that ball at your sister’s face, that’s why you’re sitting in timeout for two minutes. Two whole minutes to a toddler is agony, apparently.

That’s just my own personal example of kids crying over stupid stuff. In a way, it’s refreshing to see a kid crying over something petty. Because it reminds you that they’re so young, they don’t even know of half of the crap life will throw at them.

And then you start to laugh maniacally because you know one day life will throw the same stuff at them that it threw at you. Years later you can sit back and laugh at them as they groan with discomfort at their third hour waiting at the DMV.

With all that said, here are some precious moments caught by parents of their kids crying about stupid stuff. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Pictures of babies crying #1 His dinner isn’t ready yet

pictures of babies crying 2 (1)

2: Didn’t get a chance to look at his poop

pictures of babies crying 3

3: Crying because Miley was on TV, fair enough kid

pictures of babies crying 4 (1)

4: The microwave ate his lunch, disaster

pictures of babies crying 5

5: They got new hats, started crying

images of babies crying 6

6: He met Iron Man out of costume…

pictures of babies crying 7

7: He put himself in a time out for no reason

pictures of babies crying 8

8: The Goat ate the goat food from his hand so here comes the water works

pictures of babies crying 9

9: I broke this cheese in half, i’m a killer now

images of babies crying 10

10: Someone ate all the muffins

pictures of babies crying 11

11: He doesn’t want to go even though we’re not going anywhere

pictures of babies crying 12

12: At a justin Bieber concert

images of babies crying 13

13: You don’t need sunscreen when it’s raining is a great reason to start crying

pictures of babies crying 14

14: Not sharing his leg hole

pictures of babies crying 15

15: Sister using the hose is a damn good reason to break into tears

pictures of babies crying 16

16: What’s this stupid hot dog doing in my corn stick?!

images of babies crying 17

17: Color yourself green will turn you into the Hulk…NOT

images of babies crying 18

18: OK, this would make a grown man cry too.

pictures of toddlers crying 19

19: Can’t reach the pennies…

pictures of toddlers crying 20

20: Singing the happy birthday song is a crying thing now

pictures of toddlers crying 21

21: The T-Rex doll jaw isn’t big enough

pictures of toddlers crying 22

22: I wanted to keep that receipt, damn you mom!

pictures of toddlers crying 23

23: Trying to get the last Cheerio on the spoon

pictures of toddlers crying 24

24: Meeting Bill Murray

pictures of toddlers crying 25

25: Where is my rubber ducky!!

pictures of toddlers crying 26

26: I’m stuck and can’t get up!

pictures of toddlers crying 27

27: What do you mean you’re not called mom?!

pictures of toddlers crying 28

28: I ate all the cake, another awesome pictures of babies crying moment

pictures of babies crying 29

29: Crying because dad won’t let him have a tattoo

pictures of babies crying 30

30: The letters on his shirt are upside down in his mind

pictures of babies crying 31

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