24 Daddy Quotes Every Child Heard From Their Dad

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No matter what your education level is some things you just don’t learn in school. The most precious lessons come from the ones that care the most. Maybe in the moment when were given they didn’t seem so important, but later in the life, you remember these gems of wisdom and use them to overcome some tricky situation. Here we have a collection of 24 life lessons given by dads, or daddy quotes if you will that have proven themselves as real treasures through lives of their children. Take your time to go through the gallery it is certainly worth it.

1. Always be nice, but don’t be boring. The first of the daddy quotes

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2. Ask more than you answer

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3. It’s a sin to leave a pint unfinished

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4. Hang out with people that are smarter than you.

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5. Nothing looks more badass than a well-tailored suit

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6. Always keep a change of clothes at the office

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7. Never take a girl to the movies on a first date

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8. Go for it, don’t underrate yourself.

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9. If you can’t make it, fake it…until you make it.

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10. When you talk to someone, always look them in the eyes

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11. Always brush your teeth before you put on a tie

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12. Never, ever stop learning

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13. Always give a strong handshake

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14. Real men take good care of others. Not just themselves

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15. Never wear a clip-on tie. Just don’t…

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16. Dress for success. Always go out in public dressed as if you’re about to meet the love of your life

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17. “Appreciate the shoes” rule goes a long way.

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18. When you got a job to do you got to do it well.

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19. Never get too angry

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20. You’ll be prepared when sh**t happens

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21. Follow your dreams and make them real.

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22. Go with the decision that’ll make for a good story

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23. Bad things happen in life. It’s your job to overcome them.

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24. Don’t forget who taught you the most important things.

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