15 Pug Shaming Pictures Of Pugs Who Did The Crime And Now Doing The Time

pug shaming feat (1)

Pug shaming is the most hilarious pet shaming there is. There’s something about those little smooshed faces that make them look so guilty. It’s hard not to feel sorry for them, though. They look totally guilty but they also look really sorry about what ever they did, so staying mad for long is just impossible.

According to the internet and all things viral, pugs are the most guilty of all the pets. They’re so often caught doing bad stuff. It may make you wonder if their brains were just wired for eating weird stuff and pooping on your carpet.

Take a look at some of these pug shaming pictures. Do you have a pug that gets in trouble like these do? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: I don’t chew my food i inhale it. Then i choke and then i puke. Then i eat it.

pug shaming 2 (1)

2: I eat crayons and poop rainbows

pug shaming 3 (1)

3: Pug shaming example of a pug who steals and eat dirty tissues like there’s no ttomorrow

pug guilty 4 (1)

4: This is Biscuit, he ate a large tube of vaseline and now he poops vaseline all day long

pug shaming 5 (1)

5: This pug ate an entire batch of chocolate and had to get his stomach pumped, he’s not really sorry about it.

pug shaming 6 (1)

6: This little pug loves to poop and make a mess all over the house

pug shaming 7 (1)

7: This pug was shamed for pooping in the house and letting the robot smear it all over

pug shaming 8 (1)

pug shaming #8 I like to play and run across the house knocking the baby down.

pug guilty 9 (1)

9: This pug loves to run over his big brother with his cart

pug guilty 10 (1)

10: I like to drool on iPhones

pug guilty 11 (1)

11: This pug ate a six long sandwich and hid behind it’s mother’s bed all day

pug guilty 12 (1)

12: This pug peed on his brother’s head while on the morning walk

pug guilty 13 (1)

13: This pug loves to poop in shops and he does it all the time

pug guilty 14 (1)

14: This pug only knows one cuddle position and it’s his ass on your face

pug shaming 15 (1)

15: This pug likes to scratch leather chairs

pug shaming 16 (1)

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